Review: Kenzen Robo Daimidaler (anime)

Thoughts: I’d like to note that this is about the only picture I could find of this show without nudity in it hah. I saw this was a boobie anime when I first heard about it but then I saw someone say that it was super trashy and it knew it was trashy and that’s what was so good about it. I don’t really agree with that assessment but it’s not far off as I’ll tell you in a bit.

Summary: OK you are going to have to stay with me here. In this show an alien race (or as it turns out they are from a different dimension) of penguin/humans (they look like humans in full body spandex suits that make them look like penguins and have a “front tail’ or giant boner at all times) are trying to take over the world. Koichi is a high school punk who is a huger pervert and likes to fight. When his school is attacked it turns out he has a lot of High-Ero particles. These made up particles come from someone getting sexually turned on and is used to power a giant robot that fights the penguins giant robot. A girl who lost her parents and were helped out by the penguins in the past joins forces and lends her high-ero particles to their side. As it turns out the penguins might not be all that bad as the view of who is good and bad gets scewed.

Story: The story is very controversial. If it doesn’t sound like it in my summary let me tell you it’s basically a hentai set up and play very well near a hentai without crossing the hentai line. There is lots of boobs and groping. Heck there is basically people walking around with huge boners every episode, although they are penguins and they call them front tails. The thing though is that this is basically a parody anime. Even though it does have boobs it’s making fun of hentai with bad premises. It’s making fun of giant robots and how they cause tons of collateral damage nobody cares about. They make fun of these action shows where someone is the good guys just because they declare themselves to be.

To be fair the story starts out very goofy and by the end of it has a decent and more serious plot behind it. I want to start with the goofy beginning though. So since Koichi needs to be aroused to get power his assistant given to him by the secret underground giant robot division of the government gets fondled over and over. It’s a poor excuse to get boobs on screen but I find after a few episodes that’s more for satire than what the show is about. The 3 scientist girls in the show are also often exposing their boobs. Rikantz the girl who is on the side of the Penguin Empire often ends up exposed to please her family, the penguins. She also takes baths with them and cleans their front tails, which although they don’t show it I imagine is basically giving a handjob.

There is also plenty of sex jokes sprinkled about, either word puns or just little things. For example the penguins are obsessed with porn mags for some reason. The penguin robot has a giant “front tail” gun or penis gun. Later Koichi is presumed dead and a girl named Kiriko takes his place as a pilot and her relationship is a bit more innocent. She gets turned on by kissing her boyfriend, to the annoyance of their director. Eventually she ends up having to turn herself on with just her imagination or possibly fapping.

They also play on the theme of how reckless and destructive the good guys can be at times. Whenever the robot is launched from underground the exit just seems to destroy some building or landmark. Why was the exit put in such a dumb place? I dunno. While fighting they usually don’t care what damage happens to the city either. Eventually the show points this out and starts having the penguin empire care more about the city than the defense force. Eventually also Japan’s army sides with the penguin empire and tries to take out Daimidaler.

At this point the show kind of gets into a theoretical debate about what is good and what is evil? It’s starts being less subtle too and starts being really blunt about it’s views. I might be looking too hard into this but it looks like the show could of been symbolism for America invading Japan and implanting it’s culture. They show that the penguins are trying to make people be perverted and “corrupt” society. At the same time though Japan is trying to adapt to the culture and is only hurting itself by trying to resist. And then finally what’s the harm in allowing that culture to exist among people who like it. To go with that theory all the penguins have American names like Michael, Danielle, and Bob for some reason.

Koichi -
He is a school punk as I said who likes to fight and is perverted. He’s not very smart and honestly doesn’t seem to care much about saving the city he just likes how he gets to feel boobs. He can be funny but he’s so intense it’s kind of annoying.

Kyoko - She is the partner to Koichi who basically spends the episodes making pleasure noises as her boobs get fondled. She complains but always ends up allowing the fondling.

Kiriko - Is the second pilot that gets turned on by just kissing. She ends up seeming more like a bitch who believes she is doing the right thing no matter what she sees that disproves it. I got annoyed with her fast.

Rikantz - Is the girl that sides with the penguins. She seems like a tool at first but her character evolves and makes more sense towards the end.

Penguins - They are usually the funniest part of the show. The front tails make for dick jokes I laugh at. Their innocent positivness is funny. Also their American names stick out so much it’s also funny. It’s just so goofy.

Art: The art is pretty good when it wants to be, especially the fighting and the robots. The designs are a bit klunky but I feel like that’s on purpose. The beginning song is hilariously over the top. It’s very metal with a lot of screaming of the title of the show and actions words.

4/5 -
It’s a funny parody but it tries to be a bit serious at the end and it can’t really be serious. Even as a parody it’s not really perfect in any way, just good enough to keep me laughing which is hard to do.
Entertainment 4/5 - for all the reasons I just mentioned although I think if you are into comedy and ecchi shows this might be a 5/5 for you.

mini rant

Some subtly of anime as presented for the American audience: Guys are walking by Ami (sailor mercury) and talking about her in a bad way. They notice she can hear them and say “Oh crap” and run off. You are to assume they saw her and that’s why they shut up and ran off. In the translation they say “Shhh she can hear us” because American’s can’t notice the action on the screen? I know I sound like a weeaboo but I think the dialog and animation go together well to create a whole and when you dumb it down it’s almost an insult to my intelligence and to the art of the show.

Review: Bravely Default (Game)


Thoughts: With my backlog of games to play I’m almost never playing a game that just came out. I’m not very late on Bravely Default but generally by this time either people have beat it or they don’t want to play it. Well maybe I can change some minds, or maybe you are interested in what I thought anyways. 

Story: To start with I want to say that I knew I would like this game and have fun playing it, but I didn’t realize how much I would like this game. The game is designed as a throwback to the older final fantasy games. That is turned based battling, fantasy setting, minimal characters, low res art style. I figured the story might be like the old games too where there isn’t much of a story and what’s there is lacking. That is wrong though as the story certainly has depth to it and has grabbed my attention. (And won’t let go)

In this world the Crystal Orthodoxy is much like the catholic religion where most of the world is following it and it has sacred sanctuaries found in the world that houses elemental crystals that are supposed to keep the world pure and clean. A group of atheists have militarized though and are trying to put an end to the Crystal Orthodoxy by force. They have fouled all the crystals and are trying to kill their guardians. The crystals being messed up has set the world into basically a polluted state.

Tiz is your main character and his village is wiped out by  energy erupting from the earth when the crystals were messed up. He is mad at the nation of atheists that caused this and wants some revenge. At the same time the guardian of the nearby wind crystal Agnes is on a journey to restore the crystals and not die. Tiz decides he needs to help this fair maiden and becomes her knight. The daughter of the ruler of this atheist kingdom (Edea) sees the darkness of what her people are doing and decides it’s not honorable and helps out Agnes. A mysterious pretty boy with amnesia and a book that foretells the future named Ringabell is intrigued by Edea and decides to tag along. Quickly you have your 4 characters.

The story has a few things going for it with the political and religious tones too it. I’m curious to see it progress but also enjoy it as in happens because of the fun characters. I think part of what makes a good story is always leaving more to the imagination, and more to discover. I have not finished the game and I’m not sure why one kingdom is attacking, why Edea left, who Ringabell is or what his book is, etc. There is also a history that is thought out even though not as in depth as epics like Lord of the Rings, but you need that created world to draw on to make the game interesting. At the same time it’s not overwhelming. They don’t have too much coming at me to where I don’t understand what’s happening. It also doesn’t bury things for too long. As much as I like Xenogears there are a few bits of story that show up at the beginning and then 70 hours later they come up again.

The world map is large enough to make the world feel big but not big enough to be annoying when you have to cross from place to place. You get an airship very early in the game although you can’t use it much then. There are side quests that are fun and give some side story that is actually interesting. It all adds up to a fun story that has really grabbed me.

Gameplay: There is a great gameplay feature that I haven’t seen anywhere else and I’m surprised it hasn’t been used before. You can adjust many parts of the game to make it easier or more difficult. Of course there is a difficulty setting and I suspect that changes the stats of enemies. Less xp and does less damage if it’s on easy ie. They also let you turn on or off notifications that tell you where to go in the game. If you turn it off it’s much like the old final fantasy games where you have no idea where you are traveling and have to talk to everyone in every town to find out. You can also set the monster appearance rate. If you want to grind some levels or gold you can set it to basically be non-stop. If you are about dead and need to run to an inn to heal you can turn monsters off. Generally I turn it off if I want to explore a dungeon and am not worried about gaining levels. This would be after my first time through the dungeon and I’m just looking for hidden treasures. I’ve made good use of it, although i suspect some people might consider it cheating if you make it too easy on yourself. 

The combat system is old school with just a bit of a twist. In the turn based combat you can use an option called brave to do up to 4 actions per turn. If you do you will have to make up those actions by resting the next x turns. (x being how many braves you used) On the other hand you can also use default which is a block and stores up actions so you can use multiple later without a penalty. This isn’t a big deal but if you can work the system you can kill some strong enemies without being touched. 

Each character can pick from any jobs you have earned. (More jobs become available when you beat bosses) You can have all mages or a good mix. You can even change jobs or change back as you wish. You get to add the abilities of one other job you leveled up to so plan carefully. For example my white mage also has black mage abilities. You also get to equip so many inert abilities that aren’t attacks from any job. They can raise your defense or speed etc. This lets you customize your characters pretty well and keep things fresh. 

There is a lot of interactivity with other players via street pass or for those of us who don’t get out much, the internet. If you pass someone who also plays the game you will get a helper in your village and be able to use one of their players attacks in combat. What is your village? Well you have a little town that is being built up by putting so many men to work building each individual building in the town. You have a person for every streetpass you get and the more people working the faster the buildings are built. Once a building is build you get the benefits. If you build the weapons building then you can buy better weapons etc. With you friends you can do a personality link where your characters get all the abilities of the friends character that you linked with. This feels a bit like cheating when you have a friend that has beat the game and has almost all the abilities. Kind of the same for fighting. You can summon a friend once per game to come do an attack. Well high level friends can kill bosses in one hit. 

If I had a complaint it would be that the bosses are always a huge leap in difficulty from the regular monsters. Sometimes I get 1 hit killed and I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. I seem to eek out victories with a bit of luck but I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way or not. 

The game play is very familiar but has a few good twists too it. This is what makes it feel nostalgic to the older JRPGs. I think it’s very playable and a lot of the fun of the game. 

Art: The art is scaled back, but very nice looking. The characters are a kind of 3D chibi where everyone has a big round head with similar bodies. Their dress and hair separate them the most. Their face is also the same little dot eyes, nose mouth. This isn’t bad at all and when someone talks you get a better art of them anyways. The environment though is very well done. It’s a bit restricted to it’s small size but it’s very creative and done very well. Often I do take time to just look at the scenery.

The costumes for the jobs are well done and very creative. The merchant job is wearing a tux with a bit top hat. It’s fun for sure, especially matching it up to the character. I’m basing what jobs my characters have to what looks like they would fit to. The music is a very well made orchestrated pieces. The world map has sweeping adventurous songs and the towns have a unique melody that fits the style of the town. Cut scenes also have little tunes that fit the moment of the scene. 

5/5 - As of now I can’t see how to make it better. Even if it has an awful ending the story is playing out well so far.
entertainment 5/5 - I’m loving this game much more than i thought I would, and I thought I would love it anyways. 

Review: Captain Earth season 1 (anime)

Thoughts: I love the Gundam franchise. Not necessarily every series in it but in general it does mechs right and it does so much else right too. I love it so much that it makes me not like most other mech anime and I usually don’t even consider watching anything else. Well that doesn’t have to be the case, I would still like good mech anime, it just has to be good. I’ll say it now I’ve seen the beginning of Eva and I had to stop because I don’t like it. But this spring season i wanted to mix up what I watch and I saw this mech anime and it seemed like it could be good so I gave it a try.

Summary: When Daichi was a kid he made friends with a kid that was isolated and studied by a group. Together they broke into a lab and discovered a naked girl in the middle of a water tank. This girl knew who they were and gave Daichi a power. They were discovered and broke up. Years later Daichi is being watched by his uncle since his parents died and discovers that the company his uncle works for is doing research on his childhood friends. He rescues them from this captivity and joins them with this company. This company is a group that uses giant robots to defend earth from aliens giant robots. Daichi becomes the leader of this group of power kids that defend earth.

Story: This story starts out with a lot of information and fast. It seems hard to keep up with at first. This is because the introduction to the series starts off with a few short arcs. They explain the childhood friends at first and that takes up about an episode. They then go straight to the company “globe” being bad guys and keeping Daichi’s friends captive. They also don’t want to dwell on this very long so in about 2 episodes he rescues his friends and gets the company to throw out the evil leader who is being mean to kids. So it goes through all this in the first few episodes and since it’s just an introduction it doesn’t really explain everything.

After that opening bit though the story settles in a pattern that it feels comfortable with. Mostly it expands the story and characters while throwing out a fight in space or on earth. Later in the series the aliens start converting more people to their side and using them for fights too. Every episode or 2 is a new fight for the crew.

As part of the beginning of the show there are characters that aren’t really given an explanation but just show up and they are everyone’s friend. After a few episodes you don’t really care anymore but they shouldn’t just chuck people into the show, they should have a reason they are there and why they are friends etc. Another nit-pick for me is the sequence they go through every time they fight in space. Daichi gets in his robot on earth and goes to space in shuttle. Then his robot comes out of the shuttle and goes into this giant space station where it gets one more part added to it in an impractical way. It then goes to another giant station where it gets a second part added on and again it’s just to look cool more than being realistically possible or practical.

This worry about looking cool than making sense goes for the fan service in the show too. This show is not really a fan service type show at all, just there is one girl character that has huge boobs and they make her personality so innocent that she doesn’t realize being naked is bad even when people tell her so. Then there is one other girl who isn’t quite so sexy but is perverted. So at odd times they will go with a weird angle to show panties, or have some weird action that causes jiggly boobs. It is odd but lately shows have more perverted girl characters and innocent guy characters. I suppose that’s ok and maybe a good chance of pace but certainly different than how things used to be for a long time.

Early in the show there is a big theme of how awesome kids are and how awful parents are. Just that they are horrible people that have no morels, that they are greedy, and that they don’t understand kids. To be honest this theme is in many anime shows, especially at ones aimed at the young teen/pre-teen audience. Usually the assumption is that every child has an innocence where they are always good people that know what’s best for them and the world. It’s really just pandering and it’s annoying to someone who isn’t  jaded enough to think that’s true.

Like many anime including gundam space physics aren’t handled well. It’s always been a peeve of mine but you don’t stop moving when you shut your jets off. Your momentum keeps carrying you till you hit something. If you keep your jets on you keep moving faster and faster, you don’t maintain speed. But tv anime isn’t the movie Gravity, and even if it was it would still be getting a ton of stuff wrong. Also I’m not an activist but they have the girls stay safe at home while the men go out to fight. Not that they have to change that but I don’t see why they stuck to so many stereotypes.

On the good side though it’s not too cliche’. Besides wanting to look good and using cheesy lines the development of the story and characters is interesting. The aliens were for some reason put on earth as kids and awaken when one alien kisses another. Now the aliens are looking for their comrades and kissing them to wake them up and add to their numbers. It’s not too complex but it’s straight forward action. Just don’t think too hard and enjoy it.

Characters: Daichi - I’ve mentioned in some of the bad spots of the show that Daichi is this innocent needs to hide from any sexual excitement kind of guy. He also has this parents are dumb type of complex. He is also overly responsible I guess. At a point he makes his uncle (a full adult) to stand back so he doesn’t get hurt in a fight. It should be the other way were he steps back so his uncle can handle the fight. Generally he is fine but he has these flaws I’m not too happy with.

Teppei - He is actually one of the alien but he wants to help earth instead of hurt it. He is mostly quiet and shy but he’s starting to find some confidence in later episodes. I probably like him most among the 4 kids

Hana - She is the naked girl that was discovered by Dachi and Teppei as kids. She has odd powers but mostly just helps out by alerting the team where the aliens will strike. As mentioned she is unaware of her sexuality completely and they use this a lot for fan service and romantic drama in the show.

Akari - is a hacker girl who can do anything with a computer basically. She helps out in obvious ways for the team. As a person she is perverted though not overly. She has small boobs so she is often jealous but looking for a guy to get with. Eventually she starts helping Hana and Daichi get together. I like her as a character.

Bad Guys - Mostly the villains are a pretty boy and a super sexy girl. They often have many scenes where they are just showing off how sexy they are instead of making sense. They are smooth and cool characters that don’t get flustered even as their plans get ruined. Their goals and explanations aren’t really making a lot of sense as of now but they may be explained in season 2.

Art - The art and animation are actually very pretty. It’s smooth and attractive in colors and design. The direction is about normal but it’s not a hindrance either. The special effects are also very nice. At the same time there are moments where things look really weird. Hair size compared to head size, head shape from certain angles. I’m thinking those are mistakes that will be fixed on the home release but for now it’s just mistakes.

Rating -
3/5 -
It has a lot of promise, some of it is delivered, some of it is missed. Generally it stays in the safe zone. I’d say it is on the lower side of average but it still has a series to fill out the story.
Entertainment 3/5 - I’m finding a hard time enjoying this more than it is. Again it’s average and I’m on the fence about finishing the show.

Thoughts: Tsunderi

Tsunderi characters in anime are (in the case of harem anime anyways) the ones that are mean and refuse to admit their love for the main character and actually act in the total opposite way as they would if they were actually in love with the main character. Sometimes it can just be that they are mean even if it doesn’t have to do with love. They can be spoiled, rude, or basically any negative characteristic. This is a certain type of character that many anime fans like though. They are liked in a way that is “I wish I had a tsunderi girlfriend” kind of way. I don’t understand this very well. 

I do understand that they are supposed to have a soft inner side underneath that hard exterior. Sometimes a tsunderi girl will do the right thing, usually when she knows that she has to, say for example to save the main characters live. And even then she will make up an excuse to make it seem like she doesn’t care for him and just did it to help herself. Sometimes a tsunderi character may show a bit of their soft side, say it turns out they are afraid of lightning. They won’t admit that they are afraid of lightning or that they feel safe with the main character, and they won’t say thanks for being helped. I guess maybe the appeal is that you see something that no one else sees. Maybe the appeal is that you have to work harder to make it work so it’s a challenge.

So you want a girlfriend who never thanks you, never says nice things about you, never appreciates what you do? Let’s think about that for a second. How many divorces end up happening because both couples stop being so nice to each other? Many times that is the reason because the “love or passion” is no longer there. Well in a tsunderi relationship you are starting at the divorce point for many couples. Even if it’s cute at first there is no way someone is going to put up with that shit for very long let alone a lifetime. 

What kind of characters end up liking a tsunderi character? Well it seems to me like the boy that likes this girl sometimes turns out to be a very mature boy. He is ok with her put downs because he knows what she really means. He treats her like a little girl and basically it’s like he doesn’t have respect for her. I’ve also seen the type of guy who doesn’t have luck with women and is ok with liking this girl who treats him horribly because at least she is giving him attention when no other girls will. Sometimes the girl is one of the schools most wanted girls so just being able to have that attention makes him feel more self confidence. And then there is also the guy that likes S&M and likes being beat up because it turns him on. Well that’s more of a hentai thing.

OK this was randomly put together but there is my argument. (BTW if you like tsunderi girls don’t take this personally I’m just having fun. I respect others opinions and actually would like to hear from you why you like tsunderi girls)