My own comic

I drew this over a few days. It is based on a single drawing I saw and wanted to put it into some context. I also wanted to have it be a sexy moe comic. I think the character is innocent and curious here which is cute. I don’t know if girls really do this but it’s fun to imagine. 

Review: Queen’s Blade (Anime)

Summary: So what is this show about besides boobs? Well I found out this is based on a light novel and the main point of the story is that in this world the Queen of the world is the winner of a fighting tournament. I think they have a new tourney every like 4 years. They didn’t explain it very well. In fact even though this sounds like a good premise they fail to expand on it at all, even to the point where it’s confusing. Instead they start coming up with reasons to show more boobs. They don’t explain the rules to the tourney, they don’t even really say if it started. They don’t explain who is in it or who is running it. 

Boobs: In this show there is a lot of boobs. I mean look at the picture I posted. It’s a girl who’s hair are hands that hold her boobs. OK so she is a shape shifting jelly girl and she can move her hair. Actually her boobs are guns that shoot acid out of her nipples by squeezing them with her hair hands. I think I spotted maybe 4 guys in the show and they were in the background. The average boob size is as big as the person’s head and only 1 or 2 girls have what you would describe as normal boob size, they were either a kid or supposed to give off that childish personality. On the other hand there is a mother woman who has the biggest boobs I’ve ever seen in an anime. I think they kind of make fun of that though because her child keeps getting knocked around by her boobs unintentionally. The show has lots of battles where bras get shredded and other reason to show boobs. Really though watching this show I didn’t feel like I was seeing boobs. I felt like I was seeing huge water sacks on all these girls chests. I wasn’t really turned on at all, it was ho hum after awhile and non realistic at all. 

Story: As I mentioned the story had some promise but the boobs got in the way. More than that really though they just didn’t develop the story at all beyond the opening explanation. The premise is what convinced me to give it a try. I guess what the story ends up being is a story about a rich girl who doesn’t want to live as a spoiled kid cooped up in her house. She tries to run away but gets brought back. She then starts looking up to the woman who took her back and escapes again. At this point she starts trying her best to live on her own without help and become a strong independent woman. Sounds nice but to be honest she never really becomes that strong independent woman. She just keeps being captured and played with by some strange woman and rescued. Towards the end they decide to have a training montage and in 3 days she aparently becomes one of the strongest women with no super powers like half the other characters. 

Characters: There are some interesting characters in this show but unfortunately you maybe get one episode with each character as they meet the main character. Speaking of the main character she kind of annoyed me with how dumb she is. Really she is “idealistic”, “pure”, and “innocent” but I don’t really get the feelings of any of these. She is more just dumb and doesn’t learn from her bad mistakes. At the same time for some reason almost every other woman in this show is incredibly attracted to her for some reason. She is actually raped several times by other women. Once at least it happens in her sleep. And her sister is really possessive of her, and also attracted to her. The show doesn’t show it but basically spells out that her sister has been raping her since she was a child and kind of plays it off as being ok because they are sisters so they can do stuff like that even if one of them isn’t ok with it. This is just played as fan service and not anything more deep or wrong. They don’t even have an impact on the story or the characters, it’s just something that happens. 

1/5 - There isn’t much here besides an empty promise. Even the fan service I think failed. 
Entertainment: 3/5 - If you are watching this for fan service then you might end up kind of liking it. Really though I think it doesn’t even do good with that. 

Pita Ten

I’m getting towards the end of reading Pita Ten. It really changed quickly from being a silly fun story to being super serious and I’m really unsure of what’s even going on. DNAngel did this too and I wasn’t a fan of either of these series after it’s turned.

Funny though I read a line it was talking about what era they were in. (In his dream world) They said it had to be a certain era because of the Rice Riots happening. I read it as Race Riots like America’s past. Just thought it was kinda funny.

Kindaichi R Anime

Just finished the second half of the show and it got much better. (and it was already a great show) It did a great job of dialing up the emotion in the stories. It took time to not only explain the back stories of people but making it convincing. I watch a lot of Detective Conan and they will throw some sob story into the end really fast but it never seems to have much of an emotional impact. This turned out to be one of the best of the year.

A specific anime voice:

So there is a Japanese voice actress whose voice has been annoying me lately. She isn’t in every anime but it’s so unique I can pick it out in different titles. That and she always plays the same type of character. 

So what annoys me about the voice? Well her character and voice is that of a little girl who is super cocky about whatever her character is doing. (which is usually something grown up) Currently I’m seeing this in Queen’s Blade where she is a little girl who wields a giant battle axe. I think it’s part of the character but the voice acting is horrible and doesn’t have any convincing emotion to it. This is in the way that little kids generally can’t act. I guess to better explain it she doesn’t put inflection in her voice or even different volumes. She just basically screams every line.

This doesn’t really make sense though because the character isn’t supposed to be acting, and the actress isn’t really a kid. Even the character is animated in each show I’ve seen to be acting like normal. For example the character gives off a purposeful cocky laugh. It doesn’t sound natural, it sounds as forced as possible and I think it’s on purpose. The character is animated with head back and full body laughing though like it’s actually natural. So I don’t get it. What’s the point? I guess just that it’s noticeable but it’s annoying to me sorry.